Crossed Out, 2016, is an audiovisual work that uses contemporary dance to express a concern that every day disturbs more and more people: the censorship of the female body - specifically the nipples - on social media.

   Through the dialogue between two bodies in motion, those of a man and a woman, it is intended to denounce the nonsense of the censorship of the female body, which generates and perpetuates a taboo that leads to the objectification of women, whose roots reside in the tradition of female's body sexualization for the enjoyment of the male gender. Crossed Out seeks to expose such criticism by emphasizing equality - beginning with the juxtaposition of close up shots of skin that do not differentiate between man or woman and continuing with the use of different visual elements, such as costumes and hairstyle -, and showing how the bonds that censor the woman’s body remain attached to it until the end, even after having fought to remove them.

   Rhythm and composition accompany the movements of the bodies that, depending on their condition - dressed or naked -, expand or concentrate expressing different sensations and establishing different relationships, both between the bodies on the screen and between those and the viewer.